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Five star reviews:
“A great read. Well written, great plot and engaging characters. Once you start reading you won’t be able to put it down. Highly recommend this page turner.”
“A well crafted story, brilliantly written.”
“It is a book you cannot put down, and when you have finished it, you want more of this writer’s tales.

The story unfolds in a small English country town, the parliamentary constituency of Sir Henry Boons: long-standing MP of the ruling party. He ruthlessly exploits his position for personal gain. Seemingly untouchable, he acts with arrogant impunity. Things start to change however when an amiable group of friends turn detective and dare to try to do something about it. Disgusted by the ease with which Sir Henry tramples on and ignores the norms of decent behaviour, local printer Jack Dozer, and his young associates Ian and Tracy push through their own barriers of fear to attempt the seemingly impossible. Jack is a life-long fan of the Lone Ranger, widely known for his staunch support of justice, law and order. It turns out that the white-clad Ranger’s power to inspire steadfast vigilance against evil lives on. An enjoyable, often tense, often amusing tale.

Silver Bullet was the first in the series – but, actually, they can be read in any order without too much confusion! The second book is ‘Jack Dozer and the Fishee Fingers’, see below. Who knows what the third one will be called? Not me. Not yet.

“A delightful comic novel based on a serious issue.”
“It’s funny, fast-paced and intriguing. A great page-turning read.”
Amateur sleuths Jack Dozer and his assistants Tracy and Tonto, stumble across a scheme to provide the world with limitless free energy. Too good to be true? Scam? A case for the newly formed Dozer Detective Agency! An intriguing and involving cosy crime drama with humour and real peril for the intrepid Tracy.
“Good old-fashioned story with humour and excitement! I recommend it.”
“An ideal, indulgently escapist read for all to enjoy.”

(In bold above – genuine comments from reader feedback.)