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Jack Dozer and the Fishee Fingers

Nicola P

“I’ve just finished your book and really enjoyed it. It’s a great story and I loved your characters. Loved the science bit and the clever ending. Your characters are beautifully flawed and very endearing.”

“You’ll have to write book 3 – great way to leave the new romance hanging in the air.”

Alison Y

“I have just finished the second novel re Jack Dozer and his band of amateur sleuths.
These sleuths bumble their way through the cases that they literally stumble upon with endearing charm. The style of writing is tongue in cheek, comedic cosy crime but at the same time bringing to light issues that deserve global attention. I can see this as a TV series. It has a style that has been lucrative for a certain quiz show host… It has a sixties feel and the cosiness of Midsomer murders. I want to read more about Jack and his chums.”

Alison is not the first to mention a TV series for these adventures. Any TV producers out there looking for a sure-fire success??

Vivian U

“I thought the plotting was excellent”

“I liked the relationships between the three main characters and thank you for making the female the resourceful, plucky, and knowledgeable one!”

“I thought it was a delightful comic novel based on a serious issue, so pointing to some useful parallels in our present out of kilter times.”

Helen R

“I’ve just finished your novel and absolutely loved it. It’s funny, fast-paced and intriguing. A great page-turning read. Congratulations.”
“Excellent, couldn’t stop reading it.”